Companies GSUP III

H2 2022


Industry: Medtech | Model: B2C subscription | Stage: Pre revenues, seed

Airlyn (by VoiceMed) aims to improve healthcare access using digital applications and high-quality technologies, specialising in vocal biomarkers.
The first product VoiceMed is bringing to market is an App that supports patients with asthma to monitor themselves, from one side it helps users to identify their triggers with a symptom diary, and on the other side, it helps improve their quality of life with personalised breathing exercises and a breathing program.


Industry: Sustainable food packaging | Model: B2B subscription | Stage: Post revenues, Seed/ Pre-seed

Around operates Italy’s first digital and deposit-free reusable system for food packaging for take-away and delivery, to eliminate single-use packaging waste.
They provide the operating system to make reusable packaging as easy and convenient as single-use packaging (i.e., no waste, higher quality packaging, impact tracking).

Their partners subscribe to a monthly membership fee that includes an initial number of containers, and branded material.

Industry: Beauty tech | Model: B2C e-commerce, personalisation platform | Stage: Post revenues, pre-Seed

Bonnie Beauty is both a custom made skincare company and a social movement that aims to educate its community by focusing on concepts of science, inclusiveness and self-love. There are currently thousands of cosmetic brands and the average consumer does not have the skills to choose the right ingredients for their skin.

They have therefore decided to turn everything around with a Skin-Test, where the customer is at the center of the purchase process, asking questions about his/her skin and needs and then offering only the perfect personalised.


Industry: Anti-Piracy Software | Model: B2B SaaS | Stage: Pre revenues , Seed

Code RTD provides anti-piracy services to all kind of Media companies trying to block and delete their content pirated on unauthorised streaming platforms.

Thanks to the ISMA service (2023) Code RTD aims to become the leader in the Prevention market by acting during the upload phase of video-sharing platforms and blocking the illegal sharing of copyrighted content.


Industry: Retailtech | Model: B2B | Stage: Post revenues, pre-Seed

Dareex (Data Retail Excellence) is a data analytics tool that supports the in-store sales process for fashion and luxury brands.
Thanks to their tool, the data is analysed to highlight the bottlenecks of the sales process and the team has visibility over the funnel with the aim to increase every salesperson’s performance in each phase of the selling process: Customer approach, Product try-on and Sales closing.

With Dareex each store manager can easily and quickly understand where and
when the sales process gets mostly interrupted and support the team on their real


Industry: Web3 – Food&Beverage | Model: B2B SaaS | Stage: Pre revenues, Seed

Enismaro offers an end-to-end solution (SaaS) able to analyse the food production process in real time, thanks to an IOT sensors framework which is key to ensure that performance and quality requirements are met.

The solution is further enforced by a Blockchain ledger, also allowing end consumers to trace the entire food supply chain; signed paperless via “Smart Contracts” having legal validity as registered on the proprietary Blockchain.

Industry: Future of Work | Model: B2B Marketplace | Stage: Pre revenues , pre-Seed

Everywhere provides companies innovative, technological and integrated tools to attract and retain talent, allowing team members to move in amazing locations while being fully equipped to work remotely.

Territorial Tewer Plans (hospitality + experiences) and Plan Books are created with the support of the Territorial Ambassadors, Hosts, and Experience Designers, where travellers from all over the world can choose their own Tewer Plan, with the lifestyle that suits them best, made up of hospitality, experiences to live, and services.

Industry: Agritech | Model: B2B + B2C. Subscription options | Stage: Post revenues, Seed/Pre-Series A

Hexagro allows anyone to access healthy food anywhere by creating the first urban farming platform powered by high-tech modular vases, subscription-based products/services, and a thriving community of growers. Their vertical indoor and outdoor gardens shorten the supply chain of fresh produce while providing a unique urban farming experience.

With Hexagro anybody can grow all year long, easily and with no green thumb required.


Industry: Foodtech | Model: B2C Freemium | Stage: Post revenues, pre-seed

MasterBiga developed an easy-to-use smart solution for the preparation of leavened products, thanks to an AI-powered App integrated with IoT smart kitchen gadgets, allowing the end users to create their own recipes.

It helps to predict leavening and support the preparation of the recipe, accessible to non-industrial bakers who want to make the leavened dough, despite having any experience or professional equipment.


Industry: Social Media – Talents scouting | Model: Marketplace – fee | Stage: Pre-revenues, pre-Seed

MySpotlyt aims to give Talents the opportunity to achieve their dreams and to help
Scouts and Talent Agencies easily identify new stars to come.

Talents can upload their profiles and showcase their skills from anywhere in the
world, as scouting agency can find new talents.

Industry: Software Development, Platform | Model: B2B SaaS | Stage: Post revenues, Seed

Omnia BPM offers a cutting-edge, low-code platform, in addition to a subset of Enterprise Smart Applications.
Omnia allows companies to develop prototypes & final products rapidly and at a fraction of the cost for a developer, thanks to their low-code environment and a series of ready-to-use applications.

The platform’s mission is to respond efficiently to these unfulfilled needs by the


Industry: Fashiontech | Model: B2B + B2C subscription | Stage: Post revenues, Seed

PAC lets customers wear an unlimited wardrobe at a fraction of the cost and of the environmental impact. It offers a subscription fashion leasing service, where the partner brands provide the garments in consignment sales. In addition, the start-up has developed a B2B2C division that creates and manages subscription fashion
leasing websites for leading brands.

This fashion leasing service leads to an estimated environmental saving of about 250.000 liters of water and 250 kilograms of CO2 emissions per user per year.

Industry: Data – AI – Pharmaceutical supply chain | Model: B2B SaaS | Stage: Post revenues, pre-Seed

Profiter allows pharmacies to purchase directly from pharmaceutical manufacturers using their proprietary AI Replenishment cloud app, with an integrated B2B marketplace built from pharmacists’ experience.

Improves profitability by 15% and reduces the need for employees involved in order management from 5 to 1, thanks a predictive inventory management system.


Industry: Medtech | Model: B2B | Stage: Pre revenues , pre-seed

Qrare is a Medtech company aiming to enhance research in (rare) neurodegenerative diseases by leveraging innovative technologies such as AI and machine-learning methods. Their founders are leading professionals who have a track record of research papers published in the world’s leading scientific journals in the clinical, biomedical, and biocomputing research fields.

They are currently working on prototyping an instrument composed of “smart cubes” for monitoring and evaluating patients affected by Huntington disease.